TEU stands for Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit. A TEU is an intermodal shipping standard-sized container that is 20-foot long. In the early days of shipping, loading and unloading cargo was tedious and time-consuming because it involved unloading or packing shipping vessels item by item. Cargo was loaded into sacks, barrels, crates, and amphorae, but there wasn’t a well-defined, space-efficient system in place. Containers in their modern 21st-century form first began to gain widespread use around 1956. Businesses began to devise a structured process to utilize and gain optimal benefits from the role and use of shipping containers. Over time, the invention of modern telecommunications in the late 20th-century made it highly beneficial to have standardized shipping containers. These made shipping processes more standardized, modular, and easier to schedule and manage. Since then, containers have been modified to the standard sizes used today. This standardization ensures the efficient loading of vessels and eliminates discrepancies between shipping companies.

Nowadays there are more than 25 million TEUs operated by more than 100 shipping companies worldwide.

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